Discover Utrecht Region

The Utrecht Region is located right in the centre of Northern Europe and marks the exact centre of the Netherlands. With its 26 municipalities and over 1.3 million inhabitants, the province is the oldest, smallest and one of the most densely populated provinces in the country. As is to be expected of a city with its roots in medieval times, Utrecht and the surrounding area has a long and rich cultural history. It is a region where storied history and 21st century science easily blend. It provides a vibrant, creative, young, inspiring and international environment for realising leading innovations that help people live greener, smarter and healthier lives. Take a stroll along the lively canals in one of the beautiful cities and discover the countless monuments and world heritage sites the region has to offer. Next to that, don’t forget to meet the lovely (international) people living in Utrecht Region and get to know the area through their eyes.

Explore the area

Discover everything Utrecht Region has to offer! Find fun locations to visit, take a bike ride or maybe even a boat trip to see the beautiful canals. 

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Meet the people

Meet the people who are living in the Utrecht Region. Read their stories about how they experience living in this beautiful area in the centre of the Netherlands.

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