The Griftpark

Paul and Vanessa Smith about the Griftpark:

"While the stereotypical external perspective of the Netherlands is lots of bricks and little green, we've found the reality much different. Take Griftpark - expansive space to lounge, stroll, eat, play, grow food, and stumble across the occasional proud peacock."

About Griftpark

The lawns near the pond are ideal for an afternoon of sunbathing. The view hill offers a beautiful view of the park and the city. For the active people, there are the skating track and the basketball court. And are you a nature lover? Even then you are at the right place in the Griftpark. At the natural core and the plant wall 220 meters long, you will find surprising city nature. In addition, the Griftpark has a playground, restaurant and children's farm Griftsteede.