't Wed

A little bit of history

'T Wed is a street in the center of Utrecht. The approximately 50 meters long street runs from the Oudegracht / Donkere Gaard to Domplein / Korte Nieuwstraat.  It is called 't Wed because over the centuries the people in Utrecht came up with diverse ways to get their goods from their boats on the canal onto the higher ground at street level. One of them was building a tunnel underneath, you can still find them for example underneath Cafe de Poort or underneath de Winkel van Sinkel. The last one has been closed, though it was at the location of where now 't Wed is. Since these tunnels were called 't Wed. This word comes from an old Dutch Word 'Wedde' meaning a 'fordable place'. 

'T Wed nowadays

Nowadays 't Wed is a great place to sit and have a drink with friends. There are lots of nice cafés and bars with terraces overlooking the canal. It is especially wonderful in summer in the sun, when you can hear the music of the Dom in the background. Nevertheless, as we do not have a lot of summer in the Netherlands a lot of cafes also have very good terrace heaters so you can still enjoy sitting outside. Nadja, a student from Utrecht enjoys going to 't Wed: "I like going out at the weekend, looking for nice places to have lunch, and there are so many great places to have coffee with friends. In that respect, Utrecht is really an exciting, fantastic city. I really like the city centre. The sidewalk cafes along  ‘t Wed, are great places as well."