Winkel van Sinkel

A Little place in heaven

Interview with: 

  • Alejandra Londoño Salcedo
  • Colombian
  • Instagram: @escribiendoelviaje
  • Facebook: Escribiendo el viaje

Arriving in the Netherlands - getting my permit

When you first arrive in the Netherlands, you most likely think about the marvelous city of Amsterdam - no one can blame you, it's a must! I think you need to crash into the mess so you can learn how to appreciate cozy and not-so-crowded places, and still feel the vibe as in great cities.When I arrived in the Netherlands I felt kind of lost. There are so many things to do if you want to have a pleasant stay in the country, and one of them is the residence card (it required me to go to the office in Utrecht, and that's where my love story with this city started).

I am a Colombian who naturally does not speak any Dutch, and in addition, I'm one of those people that get easily distracted. I had to take the train in Hilversum (my first train experience) and I had no idea of how to use the train card. Even though, it seemed that I was about to start a new adventure where I had to get to a place never visited before, without internet and using the help of just a printed map. I mean I was nervous! Who wouldn’t be?

The impressive Utrecht Central Station

Once I got to the central station in Utrecht I was petrified. It is huge and I mean it! From the outside, you can see a really cool building with pretty colors (please google it!) and it even has a mall inside. Well, after appreciating the building, I brought my focus back on how to get to the office - which was supposed to be really close to the station- but, what a surprise! I ended up walking in circles in the typical Dutch rain and having the privilege of seeing the famous canals - which in my opinion are 100 times more beautiful than the ones in Amsterdam.