April Dutch Conversation Night

Practice with other expats!

Want to enjoy a stress-free way to 'oefenen' your Dutch skills? Spend a fun, corona-proof online evening with fellow Utrecht Region expats chatting in Dutch! Pour yourself a warm or cold drink, forget about mistakes and enjoy making Dutch conversation with up to four other Dutch learners at a time in a series of Zoom breakout sessions.

Breakout Sessions

- Get to know fellow expats

- Two Truths and a Lie

- Guess what I am/ Guess a place in the Netherlands

When: Wednesday 28 April at 19:00 - 20:15 p.m.

Click the link below to register. When registering for the event, please be sure to share your current Dutch level  (A, B or C) so we can create enough leveled breakout sessions. It is optimal to use a PC or laptop for this Zoom call. And feel free to share this fun event with a friend.

The UR-Glocal ambassadors will host this interactive evening and are looking forward to ‘het Nederlands spreken met jullie!’