Education & Childcare

The Dutch education system is unique. It can seem quite confusing, so let us help you understand. In the general information section, you will find a useful video in which the structure of the Dutch education system is explained. Here, you will also find the education options Utrecht Region has to offer. Go check it out. And definitely join the free webinar about choosing the right school for your child(ren).

Dutch or International School?

Join this free webinar about choosing a school in Utrecht Region. Our partner Young Expat Services will provide you with information about the Dutch schooling system and will tell you more about international schools and Dutch local schools. They are also happy to answer your questions during the Q&A session.

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General information

Read up on the Dutch education system. This section provides information on the national education system and the various educational options available in Utrecht Region, as well as the different childcare options and financial support in the form of child allowances.

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Meet people

Meet new people on a virtual tropical island or by a cosy campfire in a virtual forest! You can walk around freely in a 3D world, talk to people with your webcam as your head and have fun. It may sound silly but it is a lot of fun. And it is a perfect informal and virtual way to connect with people - give it a try! Come back later: the island and forest will be available between 15 and 19 February. You don’t need to register.

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