Culture & Leisure

Gezellig is a Dutch word you will hear a lot in Utrecht Region. This unique adjective is used to describe quality time with one’s family or friends in a cosy environment. You will find many opportunities in Utrecht Region to experience gezellige activities yourself.

As is to be expected of a city with its roots in medieval times, Utrecht and the surrounding area has a long and rich cultural history. The region is home to a wide variety of museums, including several that focus on Dutch history and art. Fans of performing arts will enjoy the theatres and the diversity of annual festivals that celebrate all forms of artistic expression. Music is also a key part of the artistic makeup here. The region’s long history perfectly lends itself to the Utrecht Early Music Festival every summer, plus there is also a wide range of quality music venues hosting regular live performances across all genres.

You will also find an abundance of leisure, fitness and health options in Utrecht Region. The area is home to a wide variety of cutting-edge facilities including Kampong, the largest sports club in the Netherlands, as well as easily accessible rivers, lakes and nature areas that make for perfect natural playgrounds. On top of that, new sports facilities are being opened all the time to cater the growing population of professionals, students and active youth.