Getting tested and vaccinated in Utrecht Region

The GGDrU is the municipal and regional public health service. In the context of the pandemic, this government organization has facilitated free testing and free vaccination opportunities. Learn more about getting tested and vaccinated below.

Getting tested
If you need to get tested due to potentially COVID-related symptoms or recent contact with a COVID-patient, the GGD offers free testing.

  • The GGD has testlocations at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht (Truus van Lierlaan 3527 XZ Utrecht), in Amersfoort (Hardwareweg 11, 3821 BL Amersfoort) and in Veenendaal (Groeneveldselaan 7, 3902 HA Veenendaal).
  • To schedule an appointment to get tested on covid-19 you can call the GGD at our customer service line: 030-630 54 00. If you are in possession of a DigiD, you can also schedule your appointment online. You do not need a BSN to get tested, but bring an official document of identification.
  • t online. You do not need a BSN to get tested.
  • If you live elsewhere in the region, you can get tested at a location nearer to you. These locations are all appointment-only.

Getting vaccinated
If you want to get vaccinated against COVID-19, you can do so at multiple locations throughout the region. These locations change often and have specific opening times. The most recent list of locations (including opening times and dates) can be found here. These locations take walk-ins. This means that you do not need an appointment to receive your vaccination. The list with the addresses of the vaccination-locations can be found here. This information is in Dutch. Visit this website to access the information in English. If you have any questions about this list or about COVID-vaccination in general, please do not hesitate to call the GGD at 030-630 54 00.

Obtaining proof of vaccination
If you have obtained your vaccination (partly) outside of the EU and wish to have proof of vaccination that is valid in the Netherlands, you can call us at 030-800 28 99. General questions can be directed towards the GGD customer service line: 030-630 54 00.

Please call 030-630 54 00 and the GGDrU will be happy to help.