Language Courses

You are lucky! In the Netherlands, almost 95% of all Dutch speak English. The Dutch take pride in their ability to speak English, though they may feign modesty when asked if they speak it! Nevertheless, the Dutch very much appreciate it when you try to speak Dutch to them. This means you take our culture seriously and you make an effort.

Did you know Dutch is not only the national language of the Netherlands, but it is also spoken in Flanders and Brussels (Belgium), Suriname (South America) and the Dutch Antilles.

How to find a suitable language course

It’s common for internationals to feel overwhelmed by aspects of their new life in the Netherlands. It takes energy and tenacity to find your way in a new country, culture, workplace, home, neighbourhood, school and local Dutch community. For some, it’s hard to imagine grappling with a new language as well - and you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that so many Dutch people speak English. Nonetheless, learning to speak at least some Dutch increases opportunities for employment and study, and it also helps you to build an easier life and establish connections with the locals.

There are many opportunities in the Utrecht Region for learning the Dutch language with a variety of institutions. Each language school has their own techniques, teaching styles, and pricing structure. Some programmes focus on business and tailor-made intensive courses for professionals at all levels, whilst others offer intensive, semi-intensive and extensive Dutch language training with additional lessons in Dutch culture and social life. Several institutes are also CEDEO certified for customer satisfaction and quality.