Biking in Utrecht Region

The Dutch biking philosophy can be summed up in two words: calm & assertive. Embody these two qualities and you'll have a much easier and enjoyable time out there. If you’ve already arrived here, you won’t be surprised to hear that there are more bicycles than people, by a large margin! With hundreds of kilometres of separated bike paths, you’ll find it enjoyable and much easier to get around on two wheels in Utrecht.

Finding a bike

When you’re ready to saddle up and ride, you have many choices to find a bike. The most common option is to buy a bike - new or second hand – from the bike shop (fietsenmaker). The bike shop is the place where you can also find solid used bikes. A good one will run you about €100-150. Next to that, the bike shop is also the place to be when you need minor repairs – no appointment needed, same day service is generally possible.

A cheaper option to find second hand bikes are online platforms where people sell their own goods. The most known platform is Marktplaats (marketplace). 

A final option is to rent an OV-fiets, available on most train stations across the country.

Go to Marktplaats About the OV-fiets



There are some rules that you as a cyclist should know, but also keep in mind that not all Dutch cyclists take the rules or traffic lights very seriously, so always be alert. In the Netherlands no helmets are required, unless you ride on a high speed electrical bike (a speed-pedelec). To keep everybody happy and safe, always signal where you’re turning by pointing the direction, or down if you’re slowing/stopping in an unexpected place. Be aware that people will pass you on all sides, so practice proactive turn signalling, especially when going left. 

More traffic rules and regulations


Bike lessons for adults

Given not all of you were born on two wheels as the Dutch seem to have been, it's natural that you may be feeling a little shaky about biking, or perhaps have never learned how to bike. You’re in luck! ‘Harten voor sport’ offers English cycling lessons for adults in Utrecht called The Bikemasters. Over the course of 10 lessons, bike provided, you’ll be confidently in the thick of things in no time.

Biking lessons

Parking your bike

While it may look to you like bikes can be (and are) parked anywhere, be aware that there are certain spots that it’s prohibited or time-bound, and may result in your bicycle being taken by city officials. Don’t worry, you can go pay the fine and retrieve it from the municipal depot. 


Find a spot to park your bike

The world’s largest bicycle parking

From 19 August 2019 Utrecht city is the proud owner of is the world’s largest bicycle parking! The parking, located at Stationsplein, counts 12,500 parking places, so not worries about finding a spot. The bicycle parking is op 24/7 and you can park your bike for free for the first 24 hours.

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