A moment to reflect in times of uncertainty


Now that many of us are at home during these times of uncertainty, coming together has become even more important. Our partner Utrecht in Dialoog offers free online dialogues in order to maintain contact with each other, to meet each other, and to inspire each other. Attending one of their English language dialogues is the perfect way to discover Utrecht and its inhabitants. Utrecht in Dialoog host dialogues in English, Dutch and mixed languages and the sessions cover different themes. Around 4 to 9 people can enter a session and a dialogue facilitator is present for guidance. Below you will find a list of the upcoming English dialogues:


Between Hope and Fear: Thursday 14 April, 19.00 – 21.30PM

The coronavirus brings uncertainty about our health, work and education and the consequences in the long run. How do you deal with this uncertainty? What do the restrictions in daily life mean to you? Are you feeling down or do you see any bright light? Do you feel resistance, fear, pride, love, amazement, energy, trust or anger? Together we explore what this uncertain time does to you. And how would you like it to be. What makes you happy right now and would you like more of it? Which steps can you take to bring that dream a little closer.

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Freedom:Thursday 30 April, 7.30 – 22.00PM

What do we define as peace? What role do media play in portraying the world’s situation and our ideas around liberation, unity and freedom? What brings peace to us and how would we imagine a better world? Join the session to share your experiences and dreams and to learn from others.

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Europe: Saturday 9 May, 14.00 - 16.00PM

Celebrating 70 years of the Schuman declaration, that marks the beginning of the European project. We will talk about how this project has developed and how we want to continue it. What future do we want for Europe? How do we deal with big challenges such as the health crisis, climate crisis, migration and rising inequalities? How can we work together towards a stable peace in Europe and which values are necessary for this?

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