How to achieve your dreams in today's world

Do you want to make meaningful, long-term changes to your professional or personal life? Our partner, Life & Career Coach Natália Leal can help you make those changes. We are organising a free online webinar in which Natália will reflect on achieving your dreams in today’s world. She will give tips and answer your questions to help you discover personal growth:

As we grew up our parents and teachers often told us “You can be anything you want”; but they also encouraged us to work hard at our jobs in order to be successful… and then – implicit – was the message that we’d finally be happy. They encouraged us to ‘climb the career ladder’. Many of us have even moved to a different country, in search of that job, that success, that sense of fulfillment and happiness… Unfortunately, that was a 'broken' recipe that clearly no longer fits with today’s fast-paced, digital world.

The good news is that, over the past few decades, the sciences of happiness and fulfillment – from positive psychology to neurosciences and behavioral economics – have uncovered significant new findings on what drives us (and stops us), what makes us happy and what can help our dreams come true. The secrets – for the most part – are already out there, and we’ll explore a few during this webinar.

If you’re curious and eager to learn more, join the webinar and find out what your next step could be. During the webinar, you will also be offered the opportunity to book a free session with Natália Leal.

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