Getting Noticed: Standing out on Linkedin

An article by Undutchables Recruitment Agency

The Linkedin that we used to know is changing. Linkedin is growing fast and it is not only growing in the number of users but also in content posts and engagements.

This is great for recruiters and companies looking for candidates but for candidates on the social media platform the increase in new users means more competition. And as a candidate searching for a job in the current job market getting noticed is the way to get one’s foot in the door. A strong profile on Linkedin isn’t only based on your accomplishments. Nowadays, investing time in your profile and the content that you share is what sets you apart. So how can you master this platform? We will share these 3 tips to help you stand out from the crowd.

Tip #1 Optimize what people see first
Your headshot and headline are the first things that people see before entering your profile. This means that as a job seeker, to draw attention to your profile you have to start by optimizing these two aspects on Linkedin. For your headshot, make sure that you are clearly visible and that the picture is well lit. Naturally but worth mentioning, make sure that you are the only person in the profile picture. When it comes to your headline, you want to make sure that you have strategic keywords inserted. This will ensure that when somebody searches for those specific keywords, your profile will show up. An example, if you are looking for a job as a Fraud Analyst you need to have the keyword “Fraud Analyst” in your headline.

Tip #2 Use media
Linkedin gives you the ability to customize your profile so people can learn more about you beyond your professional experience. Adding media to your profile will give it more personality and can help you stand out. There are 3 ways that you can leverage media on Linkedin:

  1. Your banner can help you showcase your interests and personality. So, get creative with it!
  2. Featured section: In your featured section you can showcase tangible work you have done in the past. You can include work such as your portfolio, links to external websites, articles you have written etc.
  3. Linkedin cover stories: Gives you the ability to create a video that introduces yourself to whomever watching your cover stories. As a job seeker you can use this feature to showcase your personality and value proposition.

Tip 3# Be intentional with your content
Linkedin is prioritizing content creation. As a job seeker you need to create content that cuts through the noise and also interact with content that helps you get noticed. This means that you need to be intentional with what content you engage in. Recruiters can see your activities on your page so why not leverage the activity section by engaging with others on the platform and by commenting on industry related articles, giving credit, adding value to your dream companies’ post.

Do you need more application and preparation tips? There are some great resources on the Undutchables’ website that can help you prepare. You can also browse the website for all the vacancies!