Good employership and transparent terms of employment for knowledge migrants

A new law that gives employers and employees more flexibility


An article by Sierk-Jan - Holland Employment Experts

Act transparent and predictable terms of employment
Employers may have high expectations from their knowledge migrants. In return, they must offer them as much certainty and clarity as possible. On 1 August 2022, the Act Implementing the EU Directive on Transparent and Predictable Terms of Employment came into effect. According to Sierk-Jan Ybema, this law helps to find and retain highly skilled migrants. Sierk-Jan: “Now that EU-member states can no longer compete in employment, employers have more security. Also, they have a little bit more room, especially in sectors with major staff shortages.”

Good employership
The working conditions covered by the new law include location and workplace, holiday and leave arrangements, dismissal procedure, probationary period and schooling. These subjects fit with being a great employer but became even more crucial during the corona pandemic. Sierk-Jan: “Suddenly, we could no longer go to work and working hours changed. But we also had to deal with premature contract termination and uncertain wage payments. Luckily, these matters are now arranged in the same way throughout the EU.’’

Extensive information obligation
Sierk-Jan and his colleagues at Holland Employment Experts specialize in deploying foreign personnel outside the EU. The Act Transparent and Predictable Terms of Employment makes cross-border work more accessible, although it also slightly increases the administrative burden for employers. Sierk-Jan: “The new law prescribes that employees seconded within the EU must be informed in advance. They need information about wages and all allowances such as travel-, accommodation- and meal costs, and any other entitlements to which they are entitled in the country where they will work. This action is not new to us, but for many employers, it is. Therefore, we are happy to help them out if necessary. 

Smooth landing in an online community
Holland Employment Experts specializes in deploying talent from abroad, mainly outside the EU. Their experience is that employers often go the extra mile for their foreign employees. “You want to give extra care to people who don’t speak the language, don’t know our customs and usually don’t have a local network,” says Sierk-Jan. “And because we fully take care of staff hiring and are their formal employer, we do more than just our legal obligation. We always welcome people personally, assign a permanent contact person to them, and give them access to an online community where they can find information about all topics related to working in the Netherlands.”

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