Negotiating your salary plus secondary benefits

Are you currently looking for a job or in the process of negotiating your salary? Then we have some valuable tips for you! Did you know that your salary is not the only benefit that you can negotiate? In this article we will go over secondary employment conditions; these can give you great benefits! And they may be much more interesting than those few extra euros in your bank account.

What are secondary employment conditions?

Secondary employment conditions are benefits that you agree with your employer on top of your salary. This can be a company laptop, tablet or telephone, holiday pay, pension accrual, a discount on your health and so forth. Music to your ears? Here are some inspirations about your negotiation options.

No room in your salary? Negotiate the fringe benefits!

If there isn’t much room in your salary, there is probably still room in the secondary (fringe) benefits; and they are just as important. Is the salary not what you expected? Then start negotiating the secondary employment conditions. Who knows, it might pull you over the line. Because again: salary is not everything.

What secondary employment conditions are there in the Netherlands?

By getting the most out of your fringe benefits, you can get the most out of your work life! It is a good idea to think carefully about which secondary employment conditions you find important. We will list the most common secondary employment conditions for you below.


In the Netherlands you get at least four times your working week in days off. In some companies you can also 'buy' vacation days. This will then be deducted from your salary. Do you value your freedom? Then it is worth checking if this is up for negotiation.

Education & study

You can negotiate a budget for courses and workshops in the Netherlands to expand your skills.

Travel expenses

Company car, bicycle or scooter. It's all possible. If you travel a lot for business, it is common that you receive a full travel allowance or can use a company car, bicycle or scooter.

Flexible work/office hours

Do you like being able to schedule your own hours? Or do you want to work from home every now and then? Then negotiate flexible working hours and experience more freedom.

Fit & vital

If you negotiate well, you can, for example, benefit from a discount on your health insurance, a free sports membership or fruit at work.

A thirteenth month

In the Netherlands, at some companies, the salary year consists of 13 months. This is called the thirteenth month or year-end bonus.

Of course, there are many more fringe benefits available. Feel free to familiarize yourself with the other secondary benefits and negotiate accordingly.

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