Saving money when buying a house

Buying a house is expensive. In the current housing market you will often pay more than the listed price. On top of this, you have buyers costs between 5-6% of the purchase price.

Many people have the impression they can save money by doing the work of a buying agent themselves. That it’s not so hard to find sale prices in the Kadaster, and just overbid 10% or even 15% in this market, right? Maybe 5% is enough or even go below the listed price. When buying a house in the Utrecht region there’s a lot more to it than that. Especially when you are not aware of the local housing market and don’t have knowledge about the legal ins and outs. This is difficult as it is, but becomes even more challenging if you do not speak or read Dutch.

Many people think the selling agent also helps the buying party, but they don’t! They are trying to sell you a house and get the best deal with the seller's interest in mind, and not you as a buyer. When a selling agent tells you that a technical inspection of a house is not needed because it was built after 1990, do you believe it? Houses of any age can have issues you might not spot yourself, but with a buying agent (often backed up by a building inspector) they will make sure you have all the information you need to know about the house before you buy.

When a selling agent tells you the neighbours are friendly young people, were you told it’s a student house next door with parties four times a week that go into the early hours of the morning? The selling agent did not lie, but was not providing all the information you’d want to know either. It’s important to make sure the right questions are asked, so you have all the answers and information you need to know in order to make the right decision. A buying agent would do this for you. 
A buying agent protects your interests and guides you through the entire process from start to finish. They will make sure you understand the content of all the documents related to the property and provide details about the latest transactions in the area. Only after viewing the house, going through all documentation and having the latest transaction details you can send in a well-advised bid and buy the house of your dreams without pitfalls.

Sjouke Jager Vastgoed, an estate agency specialised in buying properties for internationals, can help you out. They will make sure buying a house is fun and stress free without paying too much for your new house! Check out their website or send them an email for more information.