Three tax measures that may help those affected by the crisis

The coronavirus and the measures taken to restrict the spreading of the virus affect many. The government has taken measures to help individuals and business affected by the crisis. This article lists some of the tax related measures that may help you get through these though times.

1.    You can postpone filing your income tax

If you were invited by the Dutch Tax Office to file your income tax declaration for 2019, you need to do this before the 1st of May 2020. In case you need more time you can request for an extension. You can extend the deadline until the 1st of September 2020. To do this, call the English speaking department of the Dutch Tax Office: +31 555 385 385. You can also ask your accountant to request the extension on your behalf.

2.    Entrepreneurs can apply for payment extension

As an entrepreneur you can apply for a payment extension of 3 months for your income tax, corporate tax, payroll tax and turnover tax. Please note that you can only apply for the payment extension if you have received a notification of the Dutch Tax office that you need to pay. Visit the website of the government to learn more about this payment extension and file the special online application form.

3.    Apply for a reduction of your preliminary assessment

Do you expect lower profits due to the coronavirus? You can apply to change your provisional results with the Dutch Tax Office. This way you can lower you estimated income, which affects the amount of tax you need to pay.

Visit the website of the government to learn more about the different measures that the government took to help businesses.

Contact information

You can reach out to the Dutch Tax Office by using their Tax Information Line: +31(0)55 538 53 85. They are currently available Monday through Friday from 9AM until 5PM. Do you need help with declaring your taxes? Our partner Blue Umbrella can help. Give them a call (+31) 0 20 268 7560 or send them an email: