Three ways to furnish your new place in the Netherlands

You’ve made the decision to move to the Netherlands, you’ve packed up your belongings, taken the leap and arrived at your new home away. Now it is time to make your new place feel like home. Furnishing and decorating can definitely help make your new place feel more like a home. The sooner you can feel comfortable in your new space the better. Here are some tips on furnishing your house in the Netherlands.

  1. Kringloopwinkel

    In the Netherlands you can find a lot of second hand stores, called kringloopwinkels in Dutch. At these stores you can buy used and vintage furniture. It is not always easy to find to separate the good stuff from the bad, but if you are committed, you might find the perfect bargain.

  2. Marktplaats

    You can also have a look at Marktplaats, an all-round online marketplace, where people and businesses sell new and second hand items. Day-to-day products can be found on this website, from cars and furniture, to clothes and toys. Some items have a fixed asking price, other products are on auction. Please note that most users are Dutch, meaning you have to consult with a Dutch-speaking person when you are buying an item.   

  3. Furniture lease

    Probably the most convenient way to furnish your new place is by renting furniture. As an international, it is not always clear how long you will be staying in your country or new home. Buying furniture can be a time-consuming task and when you return you need to sell the stuff. Renting your furnishing is an easy and cost-efficient solution! A temporary inventory can also be perfect for bridging the period in which the sea container is on its way to deliver your furnishments from your home country, or when the container is on its way back to return them.

Our partner Furniture Lease can help you make your new house feel like home. This family business has over 25 years of experience and there are happy to assist you, to provide you with that peace of mind, knowing that your new home will be ready to live in when you arrive. Feel free to reach out for a free price offer. You can contact them at and +31 (0) 488 45 25 86. Learn more about the services they offer on their website: