What does a buying agent do?

Your broker looks after your interest
Brokers are, by law, only allowed to act on behalf of one client in the Netherlands. So if you view a property and you meet a broker, this broker represents the owner of the property. They look out for the owner’s interest only.

Buying agent
Since you are new to this country, we advise you to hire your own broker who looks after your interest when you are buying a property. A buying agent represents your interests and assists you throughout the purchase process. They know how the Dutch property market works, they give technical and legal advice and do the negotiations to help you find a suitable home for the right price.

Current market situation
The current market situation for buying a house is quite challenging. The demand is high and properties sell quickly. It is important to keep a clear head and have an expert on your side. The seller can usually choose from multiple buyers: if you have an expert team on your side, the seller knows that your financial situation is solid and that you are a reliable and serious buyer.

But where to find a buying agent?
Our partner MVA Certified Expat Broker has their expat brokers listed on their website. They advise you to plan an appointment with two or three brokers. That way, you can decide which broker is the right one for you. Please note: some mortgage advisors offer their help in purchasing a property by negotiating on your behalf. Please be aware that mortgage advisors are experts in the financial aspect of buying a house.

You will have an intake with your Certified Expat Broker to go through your wishes. You’ll discuss what type of property you are looking for and what location you prefer. Maybe you would like an apartment in a lively neighbourhood or a detached house in a quiet area. You can also discuss other specifications, such as the presence of a lift, a second bathroom and parking space. As a result, your broker will have a search profile that he can work with.

New listings
New properties are listed real-time in an extensive database that NVM/MVA estate agents work with. Every MVA broker has access to this database. Therefore, there is no need for you to work with multiple brokers. You will be notified by your broker on new properties that match your search profile before they are shown on Funda or other housing websites. That saves you a lot of time!

Visit the website of MVA Certified Expat Broker for more information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send them an email.