Why SPRING is the best time to visit Utrecht

An article by Grzegorz Reske

Grzegorz Reske, artistic director of SPRING Performing Arts Festival and international resident of the City of Utrecht explains why Utrecht is the best place to visit in spring. Click here to visit the website of SPRING Performing Arts Festival.

SPRING is in spring.
May might be the best time to visit Utrecht. Long days, nice weather, and nature around the city blossoming and fully awake.

SPRING is across the city.
Utrecht is an ideal festival city. You can easily transfer between venues with your (rented) bike. But even for those who are not sure about their biking skills - I had to learn how to bike again on a daily basis - most of the festivals locations are within walking distance. And there are plenty of options for eating and drinking in between locations and events. At the end, festivals are not only about seeing art but also about meeting people. SPRING tries its best to facilitate this. Not only by leading our audiences from one place to another, but also by facilitating space and time for being together: to inspire reflection and to help to be together. And even if our festival maps and your gps do not work perfectly, Utrecht's city landscape will help you to navigate. Church towers and mosque minarets are perfect navigation tools across the city.

SPRING is about the city.
No matter if you are from Utrecht, just moved here or visiting especially for the occasion of our festival: SPRING will provide a programme which resonates within Utrecht's walls. There will be a rich programme of local artists whose practices are shaped and inspired by their neighborhoods and community. There are also visitors whose projects asks questions about the city and its citizens. There are others who invite those citizens to become active performers together with the visiting artists. No matter if you want to just observe, or take an active part - SPRING provides projects and topics which helps to reflect on the city and what it means to be part of it.

SPRING is for the city.
More and more of SPRING wants to interweave with Utrecht. Not only by proposing projects which might be an inspiration for local narration and discussions, but also by tuning ourselves to listen all year round to what other people around us think about what is most urgent and crucial.

SPRING is for everyone.
SPRING wants to connect different communities and audiences. We look for those voices that do not fit into one box, topic or genre. We stand for interruption in Utrecht all year round: to live, to celebrate and reflect together on how we meet and live, and how to make this city an even better place.