Xinneke's Loneliness Project

An art project by Xin Zheng

Do you ever think, really take the time to think what loneliness means to you? When do you feel the loneliest and why?

I started the Xinneke's Loneliness Project because of these very questions. Together with my friends, we share our definitions of loneliness through art and literature. We aim to connect with others like you, dear reader, and spread awareness that everyone feels loneliness at some point in their lives.

Curious about the project? Check out the current submissions on Facebook and Instagram. If this project touches you, I'd love for you to pick up a brush, a pen, or a camera and share your definition of loneliness.

Together, we can spread the word on loneliness and know that we can create connections as we are never truly alone.

The submission could be something you create or already created, a painting, a drawing, a picture, a poem, a short story, etc.  

Then I'll ask you a few questions just like the ones you see in the description in the posts. I would love to know more about you and your artwork/piece of literature.

This is an ongoing project. You are welcome to submit more if you'd like. All contributions will be used in this project only and not for any commercial purposes.

Kind regards,

Xin Zheng
Ambassador of the UR-Glocal ambassador club