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If you and your company are looking to connect with internationals in Utrecht Region, we have the platform to enable this need. Through this partnership and related networking events we connect you to internationals living, working and studying in Utrecht Region. We help you to raise awareness of your brand among the international community while we refer internationals to a reliable international-minded service provider. For interested non-profit companies we offer barter agreements. Together we will create the terms of this agreement. Below you find information about the benefits, criteria and contribution.

Membership benefits

  • Mention as a partner on the website of the IWCUR
  • The right to display flyers at the IWCUR in information carousel
  • Exclusive opportunity to advertise your company in the newsletter and on (some of) the social media accounts of IWCUR (in consultation)
  • The right to refer yourself as partner of the IWCUR in company marketing and communication
  • The opportunity to participate in events for internationals and networking events for official partners organised by the IWCUR

Programme criteria

To join our partnership programme companies must meet the below listed objective criteria. Partner companies must:

  • Offer its services or products in Utrecht Region and surroundings
  • Offer relevant company information in English 
  • Have experience in the international market
  • Have a recent verifiable reference from an international client or company
  • Have a standard company procedure for handling customer complaints

Additional conditions may be added after consultation with potential partners. Apart from the above listed criteria, your company must agree to the membership terms and conditions, which will be provided to all applicants. We select ten companies to be our preferred partners in each sector.

Membership fee

A membership fee is charged for the partnership term, in order to cover all operating costs. The partnerships are on an annual basis and the current membership runs from 1 January 2020 till 31 December 2020. Full-year membership costs are varying from 0 to 750 euro a year exl. VAT.

The partnerships we offer and their fees:

  • Non-profit company
  • Starting company or sole proprietorship:
    € 350 per year
  • All other service providers:
    €750 per year

How to join

If you are interested in joining the International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region partnership programme, please go to our registration page. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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