Ana Valentina Vázquez-Montes

Age: 34
Nationality: Spanish
About me: Energetic, Possitive, Persistant

Who am I?
I come from the Asturias in the North of Spain and studied Tourism at the University of Oviedo. Throughout my whole life I lived in several countries for studying or working reasons and I am amazed about other cultures. especially its gastronomy.

Why did I decide to move to the Utrecht Region?
A few years ago I met my boyfriend who is Dutch. It was easier for both of us if I moved to the Netherlands, so here I am: changing my car for a bike and the beach for canals. I love it!

Why did I become an ambassador?
It was “easier” for me to adjust to the Netherlands as my boyfriend is Dutch, however, there were several things that he couldn't answer from the perspective of an international. I discovered the Ambassadors club and decided to join to answer all my questions and be of help for others in the future, to wide my social circle and enjoy some time with other internationals.