Apostolia Blotsika

Age: 35
Nationality: Hellenic
About me: Explorer, Mother, Professional, Human

Who am I?
Explorer - Travelled all the way from Hellas to the Netherlands to work. Studied Mechanical Engineering and I am specialized in Ergonomics. At the moment I am working on Occupational Safety sector, at a company based in Utrecht.

Why did I decide to move to the Utrecht Region?
Mother & Professional - Always wanted to experience an international environment and Utrecht was an easy go for me from mother's perspective as well. Utrecht combines it all! Great job opportunities, located in the heart of the Netherlands in a child-friendly environment.

Why did I become an ambassador?
Human - This is mainly the "human" part of me, which makes me feel happy by helping other people. In that case, I find motivating helping internationals find answers to their questions, same or similar to those I had when I arrived here from my home country. I became an ambassador, so that you are not alone!