Brinda Rajendran

Age: 33
Nationality: Indian
About me: Curious, Adaptable, Fun-Loving

Who am I?
I'm a Biotech engineer with a food science masters. Moved to the Netherlands around 4 years ago. I have lived most of my life in India, spent a few years doing my masters in the US. I'm a pretty curious and easy-going person, I like to discover something new every day. I like to think of myself as a friend you are yet to meet.

Why did I decide to move to the Utrecht Region?
I moved in with my husband who was already staying in Utrecht for 3 years. He loved Utrecht and I discovered why so in the first few years. Utrecht has the best of Dutch culture, with a very personal and friendly community mixed with a vibrant city life that makes you feel like it's the place you want to be in.

Why did I become an ambassador?
Utrecht is very diverse and it has something for everybody. I had many heart-warming experiences and I discovered 'my Utrecht' and I want to help the newcomers to find 'their Utrecht'.