Bronwyn O'Malley

Age: 50
Nationality: American
About me: Curious, Creative, Focused Marketer

Who am I?
Born and raised in California, I am married to a great Dutch guy and we are raising two sweet boys.  I love to cook, explore, garden, and I'm enjoying learning the medieval history of Utrecht. Before kids, I taught elementary school and then used my communications degree to help my sister launch a high-end fitness studio. I enjoyed being a marketer, so I now manage organizations' content, online presence, and newsletters etc. 

Why did I decide to move to the Utrecht Region?
For years, we discussed moving to the Netherlands to be near my husband’s family. Then, he learned he could bring his job here. So, we took the plunge! What a great opportunity it has been. 

Why did I become an ambassador?
I understand being new to Utrecht and finding one’s way. I imagined it might be nice to help others, as well as make connections. Utrecht’s bike and bus friendliness and its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN are fantastic in my book. Its history, gezelligheid, bustle, terrace culture, unique shops /venues, and boats cruising through its insides make it a lovely place to be!