Dana Arsovska

Age: 27
Nationality: Macedonian
About me: Curious, Open-Minded, Enthusiastic

Who am I?
My name is Dana, 27 years old, originally from Skopje, Macedonia. I work as a Software Engineer, focusing on Big Data. I’m interested in all things related to tech, as well as improving inclusivity in tech. I moved to Utrecht in 2019, after finishing my Master’s degree in Robotics in Estonia. During the past few years, I lived in several different countries including Portugal, Estonia, the US, and now finally the Netherlands. I love exploring new places, reading books and learning about different topics, animals, taking care of my plants, craft beer, and good food. I am always up for (spontaneous) meetups and meeting new people.

Why did I decide to move to the Utrecht Region?
I moved to Utrecht after receiving an offer for a Software Engineering position. Apart from the great job opportunity, I decided to relocate to Utrecht because of its lively atmosphere and big expat community.

Why did I become an ambassador?
To give back to the community, meet people from different backgrounds, but above all to actively contribute to making Utrecht even more welcoming and beautiful.