Daniela Oliviera

Age: 26
Nationality: Portuguese
About me: Energetic, Versatile, Curious

Who am I?
I am a UX/UI Designer who works remotely, who enjoys bike rides in nature, technology, traveling, watch Netflix, hanging out with friends, and dancing! 

Why did I decide to move to the Utrecht Region?
My partner wanted to move to the Netherlands, and the first city you think of is Amsterdam, but I was a bit skeptical about it. A Dutch friend of mine recommended us to move to Utrecht, and it was easy to convince us because the city is beautiful, there are lots of young people, and is not as crowded as Amsterdam, which was a factor that mattered to us.

Why did I become an ambassador?
Moving to Utrecht a few weeks before Corona hit wasn't easy, and I experienced loneliness like never before, so I decided that I would like to help myself and others feel welcome and show them how helpful an Expat community can be!