Gabriela Weber

Age: 28
Nationality: Brazilian
About me: Explorer, Motivated, Pathfinder

Who am I?
A born and raised São Paulo, Brazil girl that fel in love with Europe and decided to stay and create her new life. I have an eclectic mind, and I love having fresh and original conversations. I'm also always looking to add an artsy and kitsch aesthetic into my life and up to visit a flea market or thrift shop anytime.

Why did I decide to move to the Utrecht Region?
I had the opportunity to apply to a job position and because it was a big life change move, I decided to visit Utrecht for a weekend and check if I would like the city. Well, I loved it, and I'm here now!

Why did I become an ambassador?
I was very fortunate to have a smooth and great adaption and onboarding process into the city, from a professional and personal perspective, and I believe that everyone should have the same opportunity. I want to be there and help other internationals to start and create their lives in the Netherlands and Utrecht, and be part of the community.