Salma Ben Hariz

Age: 25
Nationality: French-Tunisian 
About me: Altruistic, Innovative, Cheerful

Who am I?
I’m Salma, entering the professional life in the Netherlands and exploring the artistic and volunteering projects within the Utrecht region. I believe in the power of contrasts; I am structured and organized, but also adaptable and ready to improvise. 

Why did I decide to move to the Utrecht Region?
Utrecht is rich by its history, diverse horizons and different cultures. By moving to the Utrecht region, I am keen to discover, explore and grow in an colorful, vibrant and welcoming environment. 

Why did I become an ambassador?
Becoming an ambassador is for me the opportunity to combine experiences and voices, but also the chance to contribute to a growing and impacting community. Moving abroad is unique for everyone; it is about being excited about the change, getting inspired by new encounters and expanding our horizons. Moving abroad can be the opportunity to deploy our wings while keeping our values and roots. I became an ambassador for the sharing, the positive impact and the fun!