Tara Kotula

Age: 22
Nationality: Australian
About me: Sporty, Passionate, Organised

Who am I? 
An easily sunburnt Aussie, who cannot read maps, but will still give that and anything else a go! I’m a chocolate enthusiast who loves to travel and enjoys a glass of wine with friends. You can often find me taking care of my plant babies, playing netball or actively using my Pathé movie membership. Otherwise, you can follow the sound of me convincing people that vegemite (a classic Australian breakfast spread that you eat on toast) is delicious!

Why did I decide to move to the Utrecht Region?
A country that is famous for cheese – count me in! Jokes aside, my main reason for moving to Utrecht was because of my Dutch partner, and what a great city it is! I love the cycling culture, beautiful canals and won’t say no to a ‘lekkere bitterbal’.

Why did I become an ambassador?
I became an ambassador to meet new people, share experiences with other new Utrechters, and get actively involved in my local community. I want to contribute to this great city and be able to make a positive difference in the Utrecht Region.