Zafar Abbasi

Age: 46
Nationality: Indian
About me: Passionate, Adventurous, Energetic

Who am I?
I am an IT Strategist with a keen interest in travel and photography. I am always eager to connect with people and find a way to pay forward the benefits that I have received from the people I have been linked with during my time around the world. 

Why did I decide to move to the Utrecht Region?
Utrecht offers central connectivity across the Netherlands and a very serene life. It embodies the beauty of the netherlands and also happens to be the place when my son is attending school :) 

Why did I become an ambassador?
As people travel around the world, they face challenges in relocation and adjustments. There is so much to learn and adapt into a new environment. I would love to be of help and also take the opportunity to get to know Utrecht much better for myself.