Working in Utrecht Region

Utrecht Region is a globally competitive destination for business and has been consistently ranked as one of Europe’s most competitive regions since the European Commission launched its Regional Competitive Index in 2010. With an open-minded business climate, a skilled workforce and global connections, the region is a hub of creativity and innovation. We offer an attractive, sustainable environment for business and for expats to live and work.

Global talent and corporations are therefore naturally attracted to the region and, in recent years, a significant increase in mobility among international employees and students has been documented. We currently have almost 36,000 international employees and over 3,700 students. More and more international firms are relocating to the Netherlands and, along with Dutch companies, are investing in global talent to support their business.

Want to know more about working and doing business in Utrecht Region? Take a look at what Utrecht has to offer.

Finding a job

Looking for a job in Utrecht? Utrecht Region is home to a wide range of national and international companies and knowledge institutes which offer attractive career opportunities. Use our job portal to look for vacant positions.

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Starting a business

Do you want to launch your own business? Utrecht Region offers startups the best possible start. Learn more about setting up your own business in Utrecht Region.

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Living and working in the Netherlands

When relocating to Utrecht Region for work, you also need to arrange many things for your new life. You can receive personal advice and information on various topics such as getting a work visa for the Netherlands, housing, healthcare and education by contacting or visiting the International Welcome Centre.

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Moving straight to Utrecht Region

Are you convinced that Utrecht Region is the place to set up business and are you ready to move?
Use our moving guide to choose the next steps on the journey to your new home or contact
the International Welcome Centre for all your questions about living and working in Utrecht Region.

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