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The Utrecht Region is very centrally located in the Netherlands. Not only is the city of Amersfoort the exact centre of the country, thanks to Utrecht Central station – the largest trains station in the Netherlands - the region is also very easily accessible from all other provinces and cities.

Even though the province of Utrecht is one of the smallest provinces of the country, the area has lots of beautiful cities and neighbourhoods for you to discover! We happily provide you with an overview of some popular Utrecht areas. Furthermore, to help you get to know the region and its people better, we made you an overview of a common week in Utrecht Region. To top it off, some international locals will provide you with some nice tips for things you absolutely should do when coming to  Utrecht Region. Enjoy exploring the area!

Cities and neighbourhoods

Get to know the cities and neighbourhoods of Utrecht Region and discover the hidden gems of the Netherlands.


Monday in the
Utrecht Region

Most Dutchies start the week with…coffee! They simply cannot imagine starting the day without a cup of freshly brewed goodness. You’ll find a wide array of great coffee around almost every corner.

Tuesday in the
Utrecht Region

Most Dutch people take packed lunch to work, typically consisting of a sandwich with cheese or hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles). We are not kidding. Go try it yourself!

Wednesday in the
Utrecht Region

The Dutch are known for a good work-life balance. Wednesday is a typical day that people who work part-time take the afternoon off to relax, and most primary schools close by midday.

Thursday in the
Utrecht Region

On Thursday most shops in the cities are open until 9 P.M. instead of 6 P.M. ‘Koopavond’ is a festive time, when many people linger after work and enjoy the extra time to find their next delight.

Friday in the
Utrecht Region

A tradition to start the weekend with is the ‘Vrijdagmiddagborrel’: mid-afternoon drinks and snacks that may take place at work or down at a cosy bar including local beers and deep fried snacks, yam!

Saturday in the
Utrecht Region

Every Saturday the Flower Market takes place at Janskerkhof, where you can buy the best flowers in town. This is when the square is transformed into a sea of colour. Quite ‘gezellig’!

Sunday in the
Utrecht Region

Sunday is firmly reserved for leisure. Whether that means sleeping in, visiting family and friends or joining a road bike peloton in the country, we enjoy it to the fullest!

Things to do - Tips from international locals

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