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Looking for a job in the Netherlands? Check out the job portal below to find a real-time overview of vacancies for expats! It is filled with non-Dutch speaking vacancies and assignments. Choose your category and area of choice and browse the real-time overview of vacancies.

Do you want more information about life in the Netherlands and Utrecht Region? The International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region is happy to help. Find loads of information about living, working and studying here on our website, and make use of our free services to ease into your new life. 

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Job portal

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Midden-Utrecht Werkt Door provides free support to job seekers, self-employed entrepreneurs and people who have just finished their degree. Need help with your job application? Or do you want to switch jobs to a different sector and need training? Or are you recently graduated and can't find a job? Please know that Midden-Utrecht Werkt Door can provide you with training and advice.

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