Preparing for an online job interview

Great! You landed the job interview. Now this is your moment to shine. But how can you express yourself and communicate as effectively as you would do in an in-person-interview?

This year has brought a lot of changes, specifically its effect on the way that we work. Some changes were easily adaptable, others needed some time to get used to. Even though an online interview was not unheard of, it wasn’t something that was done as often.

This year mostly everything has shifted to online. This also means that now, being at the end of the year, most employers do expect solicitant to be, to a certain degree, competent and comfortable with technology, especially when having an online interview.

So how can you prepare yourself optimally to increase favorability and minimize the chances of errors that can lead to disqualification?

  1. Test all technology and equipment

    Technology can be overwhelming. Now add the pressure of having an interview online. To make sure that you are comfortable on the day of the interview, do a test-run and make sure that you are comfortable with the program and its functionalities. Check your internet connection to know where it is at its best.  For a clean interview make sure that your audio and sound work. A tip: Test everything a day before your interview. Remember you are trying to close the gap of things that can possibly go wrong.                    

  2. Choose the perfect location
    Make sure that where you are planning to have the interview is representable. Aside from that, pick somewhere where you have enough natural light (avoid glares). Most importantly, choose somewhere where you will not be distracted. Silence anything that can distract you such as your phone. And if you have pets or children at home, try to be in a separate room away from the noise.
  3. Consider body language and posture
    Body language is very important. Keep this in mind: 10% of our communication is verbal. 30% is represented by tone and the other 60% is the language of our body. Knowing this, make sure your posture is straight, make eye contact (by looking at the camera at times) and keep your movements in mind. 
  4. Dress for success
    Yes, you are at home. No, they can’t see your full body. But please do dress as you would in a face-to-face interview. In general, you should treat an online interview as a face-to-face interview. There are always going to be instances that are out of your control. But by following these simple tips you are able to influence what is in your control.

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