Culture = all you need to know, believe and do to be successful in a group

In collaboration with Radboud in'to Languages


Culture is crucial in communication. Once you realise this, you understand how important it is to have knowledge of your own culture in relation to Dutch culture and to reflect on your beliefs and actions when working in an international team. By doing so, you will not only be more successful in a group, but also as a group. Also, it will help you to quickly feel at home in the Netherlands.

Take a look at this chart and try to map yourself and your Dutch colleagues on the scales:

Working with Dutch and other international colleagues can be quite a challenge: how to give feedback, how to communicate effectively, how to plan and schedule and how to lead international teams? A training course can give you knowledge and helps you to get your message across in an intercultural context. So that you will be better understood and feel more at home in your new environment.

The International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region regularly organises a Feel at Home in the Netherlands training. In a 3-hour session, experienced trainers of Radboud in'to Languages will give you insight into cultural aspects and how they influence communication and cooperation with others. You will be introduced to the Dutch language in a playful way and be given tips & tricks to help you feel more at home immediately.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of joining a group as an individual participant? Or would you like to organise a training course for your own team or company? Then contact the International Welcome Centre at