How to make Utrecht your new home

An article by Creative Valley

When you move to Utrecht it can be very difficult to meet new people. That is why expanding your social contacts and building a community is so important. This article will give you some insights to make you feel less like a tourist and more like a local in Utrecht.

1. Join an expat group

There are a lot of expat groups throughout Utrecht who would like to welcome you. Most of these groups also organize activities such as dinners, pub quizzes and city walks. There are many types of expat communities, so you can choose exactly which one suits you best. Some examples are Expats Utrecht, Internations and Expat Republic Utrecht.

Another possibility is to join a sports group or team. Not only are you being sporty, but you are also seeing and meeting new people during these activities. An example is a Facebook group named “Sport activities for expats in Utrecht”. It connects people to exercise together, whatever sport you prefer.

2. Attend events

Utrecht is known for the numerous events such as Utrecht International Comedy Festival, the Canal Pride, Kings Day and many more. These occasions are not only celebrated by the locals, but also by a lot of expats. It is a perfect opportunity to meet new people, to find your way into the city and building your own community.

3. Working and living in a community-based environment

Feeling at home in Utrecht is not generated without an inspiring place to work and live. There are a lot of companies in Utrecht which offer coworking spaces where you can meet other people while working. Companies such as Space to Create, Mindspace and Creative Valley offer these facilities in Utrecht.

We at Creative Valley not only offer high-end workspaces and meeting facilities, but we also organize various community activities such as network events, Domibo’s and guest speaker sessions. Creating relations with and between the guests is our main objective.

On “top” of that, we also offer luxury short stay apartments at Creative Valley. These studios are designed to make living as comfortable and easy as possible and have an amazing view of Utrecht’s skyline. You can stay with us up to 6 months.  Within the same building, there is also a gym where you can exercise with a fixed discount.

4. Go where the locals go

To give you a good insight and make you feel at home in Utrecht, we cannot forget the places where the locals go. Here are some places you must visit in Utrecht.

Ping Pong Club
Have a drink, play ping pong or a board game at Ping Pong Club Utrecht.

Comedy Café Utrecht
Experience a fun night out in the oldest comedy club of Utrecht. No worries, they also have food and drinks.

Broodje Mario
The most famous sandwich in Utrecht. You must try this out to become a real Utrechter.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, take a bike towards Rhijnauwen and enjoy the calmness which this environment offers. You will also find the best “Pannenkoekenrestaurant”!

If you are looking for work, meeting or event spaces, check out Creative Valley. We also offer short stay luxury apartments right next to Central Station. Would you like to know more about Creative Valley? Check out our website and feel free to send an email to or call us at +31 (0)30 – 767 0410. We would love to welcome you!