Walking & talking: the benefits of moving in nature

How are you doing in these challenging times? Do you find yourself spending energy on the wrong subjects or activities? Or do you have career worries? Take a breath in nature, relax, clear your head and discover what is really important to you. Walking coaching can help you to recognize your desires, to discover your unique talents, the things that essentially motivate you so that you can make renewed choices in work and life. Especially now.

Walking as a means of reflection

On average we walk hardly two kilometres per day. While walking is the biggest problem solver that exists. It has traditionally been an important means of reflection. Our brains make us put our feet down without being aware of it all the time. This creates opportunities for other parts of our brain, for example to think, solve problems, and have conversations while walking.

When we are moving, our brain is also moving. We are cognitively mobile. This is called mind wandering: we let our minds run free and that is precisely why we are able to place memories, thoughts and feelings in a new context.

Walking and talking

Walking and talking is powerful, while nature offers itself as a mirror, without judgment. It is easier to get to the heart of the matter if you move and don't look at each other all the time. Moving also literally gives "air" in a conversation. Problems and challenges become more tangible/visible when using metaphors from nature. The metaphor of walking your own path is literally present.

Walking coaching

Our partner and career coach Janet Rodenburg offers walking coaching sessions. She experienced that many individuals and teams benefit highly from walking coaching instead of being in a static position while sitting indoors. That is why she often invites clients to the Zeisterbos, the forest opposite her practice. Walking coaching can be used for a variety of issues - perhaps not always for the entire coaching process, but certainly for an important part of it. For some people it's an essential way to really get into contact with their inner feelings and to experience a sense of freedom. Something that is more difficult in the coaching room with four walls and a ceiling. Moreover, walking coaching is a perfect way to have live conversations, while respecting the required one and a half metres distance!

Of course, walking on your own can be beneficial too, making use of the positive effect of movement and reflection in and with nature. Nature has a peaceful effect on us; it gives us energy and focus. Things fall into place and new ideas easily pop up. The added value of having a coach at your side is that the coach deliberately makes use of the outdoor space through targeted assignments and visualizations. By reflecting on the resulting images, individuals and teams get better insight into their situation and often find surprising answers to their questions.

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For more information, visit the website of Janet Rodenburg or email your questions to info@casitacoaching.nl.