Organisations with foreign employees

We value your role in attracting international talent to Utrecht Region. And we are happy that such talent remains here. To introduce international employees to the region and help them settle in, we offer fine-tuned services. As a partner, you will be invited to inspiring networking meetings and events exclusively for IWCUR partners.


The International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region offers the following benefits to its partners:

  • The opportunity to participate in networking events exclusively for partners of the IWCUR
  • The advantage to register your international employees with a discount for a Feel at Home Training
  • A listing as partner on the IWCUR website
  • The exclusive opportunity to submit company vacancies on the national job portal for internationals
  • In-company presentation about living in Utrecht Region and more (in consultation)
  • A designated contact person within the IWCUR
  • The right to refer to yourself as partner of the IWCUR

And more. Please contact us via the contact form below to discuss the possibilities.


To join our partnership programme, companies must meet the criteria set out below.

  • Complies with all relevant laws and regulations regarding its business operations and services.

Additional conditions may be added after consultation with potential partners. Apart from the criteria listed above, your company must agree to the membership terms and conditions, which are provided to all applicants.

Membership fee

A membership fee is charged for the partnership to cover all operating costs. Partnerships are on an annual basis and the current membership runs from January 1st until December 31st. Full-year membership costs are €1,000 per year, excluding VAT.

Want to become a partner? Contact us!