Feel at Home Training

A training for international employees of International Welcome Centre partners

Companies in Utrecht Region are increasingly recruiting talent from abroad. It is important for work performance and job satisfaction that these new employees receive the right support and quickly feel at home.

That is why the International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region (IWCUR) organises the Feel at Home Training. During this training, newcomers learn about the Dutch (company) culture and get insight into cultural differences and the do's and don'ts in the Netherlands. This will help them get familiar with the Dutch way of life.

The skills that the participants learn will help in effective communication and collaborating in international teams.

Who is this training for?

The Feel at Home training is for employees who have recently arrived in the Netherlands. This training will help them broaden their knowledge about Dutch culture. Partners of the International Welcome Centre who want to offer this training to their staff will receive a partner discount.

Training setup

The training is interactive and offers room for discussion and the exchange of ideas. A diversity of activities caters to different learning styles and encourages active participation. The participants go home with tools, tips and materials that they can immediately apply to their work situation.

Training objectives

  • After the training, the participants are familiar with the do's and don'ts of Dutch corporate culture.
  • The participants gained insight into questions such as: when is an agreement an agreement? How do you treat your manager? How personal is the contact with your colleagues? How do you give and receive feedback?
  • The participant has increased awareness of their own culture and experienced how their own cultural perceptions influence communication.
  • The participants have acquired new knowledge and skills that enable them to feel more at home in their new (work) environment.


The training is provided by Radboud in'to Languages, the expertise centre of Radboud University Nijmegen in the field of language and communication training. A senior trainer with broad experience in training programs for intercultural competence development will give the training.


The Feel at Home Training costs €350 per participant. IWCUR partners receive a 20% discount on the first five participants.

More information

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